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How to pay with Bitcoin Lightning?

In order to make a payment using Bitcoin Lighting you first need access to the Lightning Network.  I recommend using Lightning Charge Azure (LCA) by Nicholas Dorier.

After you have installed LCA you will have to wait until Bitcoin Blockchain syncs. This will take approximately three days.

You will now have a functioning “bitcoin lightning wallet”.  Here’s how you fund it.

sudo su – newaddr
You should see a BTC address that you can send a few thousand Satoshi to.  At todays exchange rate 60,000 Satoshi is equal to about $5 USD.
Wait about 60 minutes for your deposit to be confirmed.
Next you have to connect to a Lightning Network peer, try using mine.

sudo su – connect 03635fa1d555e95f6d7d30783542dbe8538d80b2bd5924ccd5938f70faa826254e@
Now we need to fund our Lightning channel. fundchannel 03635fa1d555e95f6d7d30783542dbe8538d80b2bd5924ccd5938f70faa826254e
Wait about 10 more minutes and type in ‘lightning-cli listpeers’. The channel status should be normal.
Finally you can pay a “Bolt 11” invoice. pay <paste your bolt11 address here>.