Shop with Bitcoin Lightning!

Install Eclair – Lightning Wallet on your Android Phone

Step 1: Fund “Your Bitcoin Address”. You will have to wait for six confirmations (about 60 minutes) for the funds to be available.

Step 2: Add a “Lightning Channel”. Fund the lightning channel. by pasting the following URI 03635fa1d555e95f6d7d30783542dbe8538d80b2bd5924ccd5938f70faa826254e@ Choose your connection speed time (Fast, Slow or Medium) and wait out the allotted time.

Step 3: Click Here or Visit, search for Donate and checkout.

Step 4: In the Eclair App click on “Transaction History” then the Send icon (looks like right arrow).

Step 5: Click on “Scan Payment Request” and scan the Bolt11 QR code from checkout.